There are many questions people ask, but some pop up more frequently than others. Here are a few of my frequently asked questions, answered honestly!

How long does bridal makeup take?

I like to allow a good hour for the bride. This will give me plenty of time to prep the skin, check in different lighting and make any tweaks if need be. Other members of the bridal party usually take around 50 minutes.

How long does occasion makeup take?

Depending on the type of look you would like timing can differ. Most occasion makeups take around an hour. This gives us enough time to look at any pictures you may have and tweak anything at the end if you wish. If you are wanting a more dramatic look like glitter, cute crease, this can take around an hour and 15 minutes.

Will my makeup last?

YES! I have researched and bought products for longevity. You may need to top up on lips after eating and drinking. I can give you the specific name of the lip products used if you would like to purchase them or we can consider matching your own lip products if you wish. Some clients like to add more powder throughout the day to reduce shine if your skin in prone to oiliness.

Is a trial necessary?

I would always advise a trial for brides. This gives us a chance to create the exact look you desire for the day. It isn’t necessary and I am more than happy to do makeup without a trial although I would say 95% of brides do have one. Trials for the rest of the bridal party are also advised but again not necessary. I would say around 50% of members of the bridal parties have one.

Should I have false lashes or lash extensions for my wedding/event?

Lash extensions are beautiful and can be very convenient for every day. They also save putting mascara or every day! The only problem when applying eye makeup on eyes with lash extensions is that eyeshadows can often fall onto the tops of the lashes. This can be very noticeable in pictures, particularly if you are looking down. If eyelashes are applied after the eye makeup is complete the effect will be far cleaner and look immaculate.

What makeup brands do you use?

My kit/studio is mostly made up of MAC products. I do also use some other brands like NARS, KIKO, Annastasia Beverly Hills and Urban Decay.


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